The Cheese is a universal version of The Hot Holder. It has 20 voids of all different shapes and sizes, starting at 1mm, for tightly holding just about anything.

It can’t scratch parts, because it’s made from silicone, and if something doesn’t fit into a hole, it’s flexible enough to adapt to just about any shape.

Whatever you’ve got… Just “Put it in the cheese” and it will hold steady and tight.

Use it to safely hold figurines, or solder jewelry or circuit boards without burning yourself or scratching the finish.

It’s high-temperature silicone, so it won’t suck out the heat, and nothing sticks to it… Not paint, super glue or industrial epoxy. Easy cleanup.

Like the original Hot Holder, it has a suction-cup base, so you can stick it to smooth surfaces, or even vertically on a window, and it won’t move.

It holds 2 wires so you can solder them together without neding a 4th hand to hold the solder and iron, and the two wires all at once.

Great for DIY electronics, RC enthusiasts, guitar-pedal builders, repair shops, tinkerers, college laboratories, and industrial production facilities.


The Cheese The Cheese The Cheese