Crystal clear, very interesting and accurate too.

– Bob Crowley (Crowley & Tripp Pro Audio)

The total package is truly badass! It is now regularly displacing Telefunkens for detail, Sennheisers for fullness and Royers for sparkle.

Chris McKenna, www.ChrisMcKenna.com

I’m really pleased with how this mic has turned out. Sonically, it hangs in there with a Royer 121… Mine has a little better top end. My upright bass player yesterday tried to buy one from me. I sent him to your website.

– Keith Compton, Nashville Engineer, www.KeithCompton.com

The finished mic sounds as good as my RCA 44.

– Corey Brunish, Frank Sinatra tribute performer

To my ear this is the fullest/richest sounding in the bass/low-mid/mid of all the mics in my collection.

– Phil Manning, www.SiestaProduce.com

I got the best compliment I could get from a pianist: “You made the bright Steinway piano sound like a magnificent warm and detailed Bösendorfer concert grand piano.” They sound absolutely GREAT and much better than I would believe for the money I paid for them. And building was a lot of fun too!

– Korneel Bernolet, Recording Engineer, Belgium www.korneel.bernolet.com

I’m really happy with the finished product! It sounds EXACTLY as expected! I bought it because I was unhappy with the harshness of my Neumann for high voices… and gosh! It’s full and smooth… I love it!

– Etienne Rouge, France

Your videos and written materials were both totally clear and left nothing to the imagination. And you can quote me on that :) [Click Here for Kyle’s Audio Testimonial, recorded on his True Blumlein™ Mic!]

– Kyle Bronsdon, www.KyleBronsdon.com

Not only where the directions good…but I love every thing I record with these (I built two while I was at it.) The satisfaction of knowing “It’s mine” feels good every time I listen. The reproduction of the Piano was amazing.

– Dave, Mixbox Jazz Trio

I must say that the more I use my Austin mic, the more I think it’s the best I have.

– Clever (Brazil)

I gotta say, Wow! Those measured better than a few pro mics I’ve seen!

– Herb (Massachusetts)

WOW Fantastic GREAT PLANS. Will also help on restore of old ribbon mics.

– Synthaxe (eBay buyer)