I am a teacher myself, so I am proud to offer educational kits at a discounted rate.

Any USA student, teacher, professor, facilitator, educator, etc. is eligible for my student model kits. Colleges, Universities, High School, Trade Schools, and Technical schools are all included.

The catch is: You must verify that you are enrolled or employed at a legitimate educational facility in the USA, so that I can write-off the discount on my taxes. Verification can be in the form of a current transcript, ID, “.edu” email address, etc.)
Your student/faculty status must be verified before ordering an educational kit, so please contact us before ordering.

If you are a student, let your instructor know. If you are an educator, ask your students if they’d like to build mics as a class project. If you’re not in school, tell someone who is.

My Student Model Microphone and Austin Mic Pre (AMP) kits are offered below. FREE SHIPPING on all of my kits and workshops. Workshops include a lesson plan for instructors, a list of tools and materials required, and direct support to set-up and run a successful workshop. We are even available to co-facilitate on-site at your campus in the Southwestern USA.

Student / Teacher Options