The Hot Holder PROThe Hot Holder PRO for Audio and Electronic Repair Professionals.
Proudly hand-made in the USA, it’s a genuine game-changing tool for soldering and parts holding.
Engineered silicone voids grip parts tight with no scratching, no deforming, no melting, no residue, and no sucking-out the heat when soldering.
Tightly grips dozens of electronic connectors XLR, USB, DMX, Molex, RCA, 1/4″, Potentiometers, LP and Strat pickup switches, and a 9-pin Tube Socket, just to name a few! The PCB Slot holds Printed circuits at the right angle for assembly and soldering, or just set a PCB on top – It won’t slide-off, and no more burning your bench or workspace. Two wire slots hold multiple wires for EASY wire-tinning (The #1 BEST feature!!)
Miscellaneous voids will grip odd-shaped rocks for jewelry, models & figurines for painting, phono cartridges, eyeglass repair and much more.
The suction base keeps The Hot Holder PRO from sliding around, and it can be oriented in any position on your workbench.
Nothing sticks to it – not glue, not paint, not solder. Easy cleanup.
Use it right on the face of a finished guitar without scratching, or throw it into your repair bag without worrying about it.

$59. The Hot Holder PRO.