Live Jazz Ensemble, France

  • Two Austin Mics in a Blumlein stereo configuration, in a basement in France.
  • See the mics right at the start, and throughout the video.
  • There are several more songs from this “1 Microphone Experience” session on YouTube.

Acoustic Guitar

  • Tracked with a pair of MODEL 2 Austin Ribbons, set-up in a Blumlein Configuration
  • Recorded in a tile-floor living room, with no acoustic treatment
  • Tracked through an M-Audio DMP3 preamp at about 60% of its gain
  • No effects, other than a gain boost because the preamp was turned down too low – my mistake!
  • Paul writes: “I have to say that, IMO, this is the best acoustic guitar sound I’ve ever gotten”.
  • Courtesy of Paul Abbott at ©2008 Paul Abbott

Pipe Organ with Church Choir, France

  • Recorded by Jean Cesario, with two of his DIY Austin Microphones that he hand-built from the plans
  • Use your sub-woofer or nice headphones to hear the rich bass notes – even in this MP3
  • 90° axis angle, 2 meters high and 2 meters back from the conductor, side-by-side
  • The Austin Microphones used in this recording are made with PVC pipe chassis, not Brass
  • Copyright 2008, Jean Carenne – Studios de la Bièvre – France

Spoken Word #1 – Movie Voiceover

  • Legendary voiceover talent Craig Roberts built his own AUSTIN Model 3 Microphone, and uses it in this sample.
  • The first half is recorded 4-inches from the mic, then up-close to demonstrate the smooth proximity effect on deep voices.
  • No Effects, Flat EQ, and tracked through a Peavey PV6 Mini Mixer. Craig says: It’s, shall we say, “cost effective.”
  • As a 1970’s HeathKit Test & Evaluation employee, Craig says: “I reviewed and edited kit construction manuals and assembled a number of prototype products. Yours looks to be as good as any of them. All your components are first class and I’ll be happy to testify to that in a written review, if you’d like.
  • You can hear more recordings here and here, made with the Austin Mic and Austin Mic Pre(AMP) that Craig built. Then hire him to voice your movie, commercial, or corporate video.
  • Courtesy of Craig Roberts.

Spoken Word #2 – Radio Voiceover

  • Fake “Fireman’s Ball” radio spot recorded by professional voiceover talent, PJ Stoppleworth, with his MODEL 3.
  • PJ says: “After exactly one month of tracking sessions with this mic, I am still in love with it. Before, I was switching between mics depending on the read the script required. Now, all the reads just sound good. My only complaint is that it makes me step up my game. Pretty sure it landed me a gig this week too, something against type I usually wouldn’t audition for.
  • Recorded into an HHB Radius 40 preamp (comp and EQ circuits in, comp didn’t touch it and EQ was practically flat) to a MOTU UltraLite AD/DA, firewire to the computer.
  • Courtesy of PJ Stoppleworth.

Vibes (Vibraphone)

  • Vibraphone (Vibes) recorded by Geoff DeMuth, Elmerson Studios, Chicago, with his Model 2 True Blumlein Stereo mic.
  • Geoff says: I had the opportunity to record a vibraphone track… The mic sounds fantastic! My Client was blown away and said it was the best recorded vibes sound he has ever had. Thank you!
  • Recorded through a two channel cloudlifter into two mic preamps on an RME 800, and tracked in Sonar X3 Producer. There is 5db gain at 5kHz. boost on the Prochannel EQ for a bit more presence.
  • Geoff also sent a .wav comparing the Austin True Blumlein to the AEA R88 stereo microphone. Please contact me if you’d like me to send it to you.

A Capella Vocal Ensemble

  • YouTube video of the Ny Malagasy Orkestra performing a capella on a soundstage in France.
  • Recorded with two MODEL 3 kits set in a Blumlein configuration for exceptional stereo quality.
  • Listen in headphones for the stereo spread.
  • Courtesy of Philippe Vincent, Rancenay, France.

Metal Guitar

  • The fantastic Argentinian Metal band Banda de la Muerte recording the promo video for their 2012 European Tour.
  • You can catch glimpses of a purple MODEL 3 mic in front of the left guitar player’s amp throughout the video.
  • Courtesy of Gonzalo “Pajaro” Rainoldi, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Girl Blue Vocal

  • Arielle O’Keefe, AKA “Girl Blue”, performs a set with an Austin Model 1 in a radio interview at WSPN 91.1
  • Courtesy of Alex at Longbow Media.


  • Two DIY Austin Mics built from the plans using the MODEL 1 transformers
  • Set-up as a separated pair, bass notes on the right, treble notes on the left
  • Recorded by Mat Binggeli in the band room at Clackamas Community College. 128KBPS MP3
  • Played by Clackamas Music Tech Department Head, Brian Rose, “just noodling around.”

String Quartet

  • Two separate DIY Austin Ribbon Microphones recording a string quartet in a rehearsal room. That’s it.
  • Again, recorded by Mat Binggeli at Clakamas Community College
  • Made from scratch using the plans and a MODEL 1 transformer, with no audio processing.
  • Listen to the definition of the instruments. It sounds like you are right there in the audience!

Wind Ensemble Orchestra

  • Again, a True Blumlein™ Austin Ribbon Mic with Cinemag Transformers
  • Featuring a rehearsal of the Pomerado Community Wind Ensemble from Poway, CA
  • Made in a Middle-School music rehearsal room with about 45 people playing in the ensemble
  • The mic was placed on a stand directly behind the conductor’s head. You can hear his cues.
  • Recorded directly into a Korg D3200, through its own on-board preamps

Vocal and Stand-up Bass

  • Vocals and stand-up Bass recorded with a MODEL 2 Austin Mic.
  • Engineered by Keith Compton, who says: Sonically it hangs in there with a Royer 121… Mine has a little better top end.
  • The mic was a little higher than the bridge, kind of over the F hole
  • “Motel Misery” Courtesy of Ryan Murphey

Another Acoustic Guitar

  • An Austin DIY Ribbon Mic made from the plans alone (no kit!), with a Lundahl transformer
  • Courtesy of Don Harris
  • YouTube video of the Ny Malagasy Orkestra performing a capella on a soundstage in France.
  • Recorded with two MODEL 3 kits set in a Blumlein configuration for exceptional stereo quality.
  • Listen in headphones for the stereo spread.
  • Courtesy of Philippe Vincent, Rancenay, France.