These are 3D printable tools to help you build guitar pedals and prevent scratching paint and artwork. Print them yourself, or add these tools to an AUSTINDRIVE kit for just $5. (Except the resistor lead bender. Somebody else created that!) If you don’t have a 3D printer, you can download the files and view them at “TurnUps” are grippable, deep sockets designed to tighten the nuts that hold the jacks, pots, and switches to the enclosure. You can get them plenty tight with these. JackNut, PotNut, and SwitchNut should be self-explanatory. If you want to drill your own enclosure, the files named “In-Out Jacks” and “Top” are center-punch templates for drilling holes in a 1590B-Style Box. No warranty is given, and these are not heirloom-quality “Craftsman Steel” tools. They are data.


When printed, they work great and will get you through several pedal builds… But don’t expect to pass them along to your kids when you retire. They’re PLA biodegradable plastic. You may need to scale these slightly (98% – 102%) to accurately print with your 3D printer. You can also scale them for any nut you’d like. These 3 are the sizes for the AUSTINDRIVE Pedal Kit.

AustinDrive 1590B Drill Templates